Grinding sound from engine

  • Hey up guys

    I got this 1.8 v6, had for a while and its developed a really bad griding sound comming from the engine bay.

    When in gear and moving you can hear a grind grind grind grind sound every 0.3 of a second or so and it speeds up when you speed up.

    If you put the clutch down it goes away.

    I have not tried coating with it not in gear but will try that later to see if it makes any difference.

    Mate has said could be shaft bearings or clutch release bearings???? any quick way to pin point what it is as i got my MOT at the end of teh month and allready need 4 new tyres. As the car was only £500 i dont wanna go mad on it as ill probably just scrap it if it starts costing stupid cash.

    cheers all

  • Sounds like the thrust bearing in the clutch has gone, I had it go in my red V6
    Unfortunately it sounds like a new clutch to sort tha and if you keep driving it, it will disintergrate very soon and leave you stuck somewhere :o

  • awesome

    ill try and get a vid if i can to hear what it sounds like.

    i got in it tongiht and it didnt sound as bad, its wierd.

    thanks for that though dude, might be an excuse for a 2.5 engine swap haha

  • My k8 made the same exact sound im betting everyone its the gearbox very low or empty of gear oil please just check its so easy

    take a 15/16 wrench or socket set and the check plug is next to the starter. . Driver side

    my best advice remove airbox or cai and just to it under the hood. . Unless you can safely get under the car.

    Best luck keep us updated i hope its just low


  • ok after finding nothing, as im no mechanic and dont see bad things i took it inot Kwik Fit for a quick free check.

    Point raised are -

    OSF anti roll bar link
    OSF lower arm
    NSF Wheel bearing

    Anyone know a good place to pick these up as they wanted £300 quid plus and im sure they aint that expensive.

    If anyone has some that they wanna get rid please let me know :)

    Cheers all

  • Not being funny but if you push the clutch in and the noise goes away, it will be to do with that. none of those will make that noise

    the 2 OSF will make clunking noises while moving

    The wheel bearing if its completely shot will make that noise when you are going along and will change with the speed of the car and usually sounds like a light aircraft taking taxiing down the runway but again pushing the clutch in will do nothing with the noise of this and will only make a noise when moving

    Things to do when you get these problems

    1 DONT GO TO HALFRAUDS !!!!!!! If you even take it for an MOT at Halfrauds they will always fail it on brake discs, company policy and makes them cash every time - all discs are scored - not many are dangerous

    Find a decent mobile mechanic and ask him if he can give you a clue to what it is and how much, he will tell you for free just by taking it for a 2 minute drive and quote you there on the spot, his hours will be less than a garage as he doesnt have the overheads and if he cannot do it in your driveway or car park he will recommend you to someone who can

  • The first post was a bit of a wierd one, must of just been a coincedence that when i dumped teh clutch it went away. It dont.

    It only really rattles going really slowly and its a really loud clunking noise.

    You can hear it mainly when just tottling and steering left, really loud clunk clunk clunk clunk.

    When he wacked it on the ramp there was loads of play in the bearing, massive amount.

    I found the stuff off ebay, wheel bearing 36 quid, links £16 pair and about 50 for the lower arm.

    Dunno if thats good or not.

    Might try the mobile mechanic if can find one by me.

    Thanks matey

  • yes that sounds right, but wheel bearing doesnt normally clunk
    does it get any worse when turning a certain way as MX-3s are pretty notorious for the CV joints going

  • yeah to the left

    Notice it when i pull into my road, dont get much when turning right by left is really bad.

    probably the clunking is from the arms and stuff and the bearing is summit they picked up on when they ahd it in the air.

  • Its the CV joint if it does it on one lock

    usually if you turn left its the right hand one that makes the noise

    They are quite cheap and easy to repair if you have the tools

    Phone around for a few quotes first but it sounds like a CV joint for definate now if it does more on turning :bigok:


    listen to that, you can hear it more when i have tuned around and just rolling down the hill in first gear.

    You cant hear the noise when driving along, its really just pulling off and slowly moving.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Another point, the supplier by me don't sell the lower arm just the ball joint link. Is that Wat goes on em or do I need to get the full lower arm?

    Cheers all for the help

  • That does sound like cv joint. if it does it more on one lock and goes up and down with speed i would say yes its a cv gone

  • It was the wheel bearing, was proper trashed.

    Changed that and good to roll again. No knocking or grinding.

    Jobs a good un - MOT day today. Fingers crossed.

    If it passes im gonna get me a catback, well de-cat back exhaust as a treat haha

    Boom good for another 12 months Phew


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