Rattly interior trim and sunroof seal

  • Hi all,
    My interior is becoming very rattly and annoying, do you have any tips to quieten it down?

    Also the sunroof at the front is whistling on the motorway a bit?

  • I guess your sunroof isnt closing properly, a good grease with silicone grease will help loads and if you remove the headlining there are 2 screws to adjust the stop height of the sunroof, may just need lowering a lttle

    rattle wise you will needto find it or ignore the rattles with a huge subwoofer and a clubland cd :bigok:

  • Wasnt there a post a few years ago that if you wrapped the boot locking pin with tape it stopped the boot rattle.
    There are quite a few squeaks and rattles fro
    Plastics and flimsy parcel shelf. It the joys of a old car I guess!

  • Rattling interior is a bastid! You could remove all the trim and reassemble using plenty of double sided foam pads or rubber washers to act as a gasket and maybe add some sound deadening carpet underlay behind them?!


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