I am officially no longer a Mazda owner :(

  • well, I sold my MX3 to JayMx3 (glad I did, he's done wonders to it already)

    Basically my problems have been money, and I simply could no longer afford to run the Mazdas-insurance going up and up, fuel costs skyrocketed and tax-to be fair, maintenance was reasonable IMO.

    anyhoo, started looking at old mens cars, such as the Golf, Astra, Focus blah blah but i hate them. Well, the Golf is ok, but its built on reputation these days. I found that Golfs are WAY too expensive for what you get, pretty much ALL are high milers unless youhave 5 grand and over to spend, which I didnt. I dont trust the Focus, although its a good car, and the Astra, well, its pretty good but a bit bland.

    Then, I thought, lets be a little bit wahey crazy and see whats going on with Fiats and Citreons and renaults. So I started focussing on them, found lots of nice cars but I discovered the Stilo, read pretty much excellent reviews. Seemed to me that it was a well built car, better electronics and although not a fantastic car, its a good one. So I looked into the Stilo and discovered you can get much newer cars for very little money.

    After a shed load of research and searching, I found one bang on spec:

    so I bought it!!

    everything works, so I have Air Con, skyroof, electric everything and all sorts of gadgetry thats new to me. I have always had 90's cars, never had what I call a new car, so this is all new to me and well, makes me nervous but i love it. Its well comfy, drives nicer than I expected, and as its the "sporting" looks cool, stiffer suspension, nice brakes and cool "Claw" alloys.

    96k miles on it, but as its a seemingly well maintained JTD, im not worried, and it feels almost like new-very tight, very fresh sounding, great.

    Its not perfect-brakes need checking, needs a wash and some minor bonnet adjustment and the headlamp drying out, but thats pretty much it. Im going to replace the MAP, MAF, CKP sensors, blank the EGR off and change the air filter and thats pretty much it. Its serviced and sorted for this year so fingers crossed ill see cheaper motoring for a change, then i can get cash in the bank to save up for a Triumph Spitfire or MX5….

    I probably wont be around much anymore, but would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me out in the past wih the MX3, youre a great bunch on here, and I wish you all the best!

  • Looks good, all the best with it bud.

    You're always welcome to drop in and say hi :P

  • Best of luck with it! I'll refrain from Fiat brand stereotypes ;)

    Certainly looks very tidy. Farewell good sir!

  • dose look tidy hope it dose well for ya felll

    and im loving the mx thanks :bigok:

  • good luck with it, being a fiat the best mod you can do is fit a net on the underneath to catch all the parts that fall off lmfao

  • bahhh DJ, thats bollocks!

    theres a plastic undertray for that…...


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