Oil seeping out of PCV plug seal

  • Looks like oil has recently started to seep out of the PCV plug on the rocker cover, reckon the seal just needs replacing.

    I'm just wondering is there any rush in getting this sorted, or would it 'keep' for a week or two? There's not much seeping through. Anything to worry about?

  • Don't worry about it. As long as your not losing a substantial amount of oil. Extreme cases can indicate blow-by of the exhaust gases past the piston rings. If you've a shrivelled dried up seal, then there's your problem ;) These cars do seem to experience blow by so worthwhile keeping your PCV decent. Catch can wouldn't be a bad idea either. I just install an inline fuel filter to catch most of it.

  • Grand job, thanks Marco. I'll look into the inline filter.

  • yeah my old one did this. the rubbers seem to go hard which doesnt seal properly. it was no biggie and im sure a replacement is easily had on here.

  • I did have the same issue with mine when i first got it .. i first removed valve cover and cleaned the (PCV) track right under the cover (must remove about 6 - 8 screws) it was completly filled with carbon looking crud and oil , i cleaned with brake cleaner and cleaned all residue and installed a PCV filter - aka fuel filter

    with in a few weeks it was full so i swapped to a catch can (DIY) and it caught 400 ml in 3 months and i recently emptied the can and caught 300 ml this time

    definitly try cleaning under the valve cover and inspect all gaskets and let us know how it goes !

    best of luck

  • WOW double post my fault im at work and very slow computer

    sorry everyone


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