I just couldnt resist

  • found a rather neglected mx3 today and seeing as my crappy rover is now sold i just had to have it. :D pics tomorrow guys.

    oh one more thing. the previous owner snapped one of the ht leads in the plug well. i have managed to remove the rubber but it looks like a load of plastic has melted to the engine. if i remove the plug and plastic falls through whats the worst that could happen? I have bodged the lead for a min by stripping it back and plugging the metal sphere directly onto the spark plug to get it firing on 6. i would just replace the lead but it doesnt quite fit snug leaving it firing on 5.

  • Lol awesome.

    Get it hoked out. Get an air line in and blow it all out.

  • Another mx-3 ftw :bigok: :bigok:

  • Fuck yeah.. another mx3 is never a bad thing.

  • Nice one brother I said fukin nice one bruva

    so does this mean i can be a part of your crew again (not that i ever really left apart from some difficulties with an internet service provider) gotta go stick some tax on it in a min then i'll post up some pics for your viewing pleasure. it IS going to need work so bare that in mind

  • ok as promised, here is a few pics

    ^^ some kind of uber rare JDM gold V6 badge? pmsl

    ^^ monstrosity interfering with drivers view

    dont know where the surround for the stereo went :/

    looks clean enough to me and drives really well now

    mmm drilled and grooved disks :D

    so anyway first things first i had to free up some air flow

    and thats how it is sitting for a min. let me know your thoughts and i will make a list of all the bits i will need in the wanted section.

  • Paintwork looks quite shiny apart from the odd chip here and there?! :)
    Would move the front number up though as its blocking airflow to the rad being where it is :?

  • i was going to do that earlier but then i realised that the black plastic that the numberplate sits on is also missing :/

  • just came across some well dodgy wiring!! there was a live coming from the battery, connected to what looked like a remote wire for a stereo, completely exposed under the engine bay. not even a bit of tape on it and it was almost touching some of the metalwork.
    i pulled the cigar/cigarette lighter out and sparks flew out, blowing the radio fuse with it…. i'm a bit worried about what else i might find. seems to be alot of LIVE exposed wires in this car..

  • you find all the good ones ;-)

  • Does the rev counter in the dash not work? That bolt on one is awful get rid.

    You should be able to screw number plate back to original place without the black holder, I have on mine.

    Are you pleased with it then?

    Lesson 1 = Don't buy a Rover again

  • noo, no more rovers now unless i get offered a tomcat turbo for cheap ;)

    no unfortunately the rev counter does not work… because he snapped the needle? i dont quite understand why he was in there in the first place unless it was to get the wiring from the back of the original counter. I will be needing a new set of dials at some point because that bolt on is not pretty is it :rofl:

  • a couple of small updates, i have moved the numberplate back to its original position and have put the mazda badge back on the rear to try and cover up some of the flakey paintwork but i may smoothboot it like i did my last one in time

    so far it seems pretty good as a daily despite looking a bit tatty round the edges. had a cambelt at 90k in 2009 and now on 114k so loads of life left in that one yet :D

    it does not like going slowly though which is peculiar. it has a strange stumble below 2000rpm but nothing i cant live with. might read the codes to see if anything shows up.

  • pm sent :cheers:

  • Fair play. Clean looking 3, looks like it'll turn into a very nice car.


    noo, no more rovers now unless i get offered a tomcat turbo for cheap ;)

    You can't beat a bit of T-Series goodness :P

    That 25 would've made an awesome sleeper with an engine swap from the ZT160/R75 Turbo. Common enough swap now and remaps to around 180bhp.

  • Ok, so i know i have been MIA recently but i am planning on making a comeback to the site :cheers:
    thought i wouls start off with some more recent pics of the red one in all its polished glory so here we go

    still needs a lot of work to get back to standard but i will get there as soon as i can find some bloody work! after a set of standard wheels (and tyres) for little money if anyone has a set of them lying around. I hope you have all been keeping well on here. :respect:

  • :respect: nice and tidy fella

  • it looks an awful lot like a cappuccino on that second pic :shock:
    thanks bud, havent really gotten anywhere with it yet except a polish due to lack of fundage unfortunately.

  • Very tidy fella, looks a much cleaner example than the white one!


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