Problem - Stalling on acceleration at 3000 rpm

  • did it once the other day and I thought nothing of it as I was very low on fuel, but has started doing it more and more until it became almost undriveable today.

    When accelerating, the car gets to about 3k rpm and stops, jerks me forward in my seat and wont rev any higher, until I drop the clutch and it returns to almost normal. Seems to be stalling like the plugs aren't firing or its over fuelling but very badly.

    Answered on a SAE to:

    'If my ZE is broken I'm going to cry'
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    W12 6TR

    I think its the coil… just my 2 pence though.

  • could be a combination of things mate, check your plugs, check your leads, check your disturbuter cap…. have you changed fuel type ??? have you checked your oil recently??

  • this could be anything from a faulty lead, dizzy, coil, fuel pump (?) but I'm trying to think when it cuts out for clues, as it does it more when its getting warm I cant help thinking coil.

    What do you mean with regaurds to fuel type and oil change??

  • shite in the pipe work… ie diffrent fuel supplier or type from normal


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