Automatic ECU fault code reader

  • Well it's approaching 5 years since I owned a mx3 but I have stuck with the MX platform since then. I'm now on my second mx6 (an import this time) and have been spending most of my time over on

    A long time ago a member on mx6oc asked me if it would be possible to design and build a fault code reader for the mx6 ECU (since I work in the electronics industry).

    It took me a long time to get round to it but over the past week or two I've been looking into it and making some serious progress. I'm approaching the stage of having a functional prototype.

    Since the mx3 and the mx6 share (pretty much) the same ECU I thought I'd test the water over here to see if anyone would be interested in such a device if I am successful. Price is entirely unknown at the moment but once I've built the first one I should have some idea.

    Here are a couple of videos of the develoment so far:



  • very cool! You could have made quite a few pound with these 10 years ago I bet! Still it works on quite a few cars I'm sure people will want one. If I wasn't megasquirted I'd have taken one!

  • I'll take one.. :)

  • Slight update.

    Built an interface cable and continued some programming.

    I've had a busy few weeks but am making progress nonetheless.

    Since it's been a long-old-time sine I did any microcontroller programming (left uni about 7 years ago) it's pretty slow going (when I get a chance to work on it).


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