NON mx3 prattling

  • I I know I used this forum and its not MX3 and I am an admin but I am bidding you all farewell for a couple of weeks as I am off doing the barcelona bangers rally from 9am tomorrow and when I return I move house so I will be off line for a couple of weeks

    Think of me tomorrow gently cruising to calais, then friday driving to Lyon, then saturday is lyon, through the alps and then turin italy and down to Nice in france, sunday following the french riviera coast roads to barcelona ( thats on the list of ZE drives :mrgreen: )
    Monday into the mountains in Andorra to stock up with fags and booze and have a relaxing spa evening in a thermal spa :bowdown:

    Then back across france, will be thinking of you all in this country lmfao

    See you in a few weeks :respect:

  • Best of luck man, be some trip! I'll be going on a different kind of trip to the algarve :cheers:

  • Have fun you lot :cheers:

  • enjoy! Sounds brilliant!

  • I went to Andorra years ago snowboarding, cheap fags and booze, you are limited though mate, the old bill do search some cars at border, you should be ok though because your bus don't really create any attention eh?! :lol:

    Enjoy your trips folks, safe journey to you all 8)


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