2 month old rocker cover gasket failed

  • good afternoon folks ,
    as said in the subject line i purchased a rockercover gasket from the probe store guy mark , now 2 months later its doing the same jerking thing again ,would anyone have any ideas whats the bloody story ,

    would it be any use taking off the cover and then putting on that gasket gooo stuff and putting back on the cover ,

    really need some help on this one guys,

    cheers :cheers:


  • Did you use any RTV sealent around the cam lobes?!
    I know I had to do that on my 1600.
    Sometimes they can start leaking again though if both surfaces were not very very clean. Have you torqued down all the bolts in the right order and to requirements?

  • Hard to beat a genuine Mazda gasket from my experience. Also using a torque wrench capable of the light torque required makes a difference if you're not a human torque gauge yourself. Tighten in sequence. Also as foxy said use liquid gasket around the sharp angles and clean mating surfaces with a solvent eg methylated spirit, nail polish remover.. Though sounds like it's in around your plugs, where you shouldn't need sealant at all.

  • cheers guys ,

    i just used some oil on the gasket when i replaced it tbh, as for torque and sequence ,i dont know the settings or the sequence for tightining it down ,
    i intend to get some of that liquid gasket and with your help ,ie, torque and sequence settings i would hope that it works this time,

    if you have this info i would be very very gratefull

    cheers :cheers:


  • Oil on the gasket is not a good idea for a rocker gasket!! Especially on a V engine. (capillary action and all that)

    Bone dry no oil on it or on either mating face, I wipe both down with a small amount of thinners then wait for it to fully evaporate, then use high temp scilicone over the cam part and plug rings(Iput it on the gasket not mating surfaces), but only the smallest amount. I try and wipe it all back off so it looks like there is none on there it just looks shiney. (very small amount of scillicone needed, must be automotive high temp) Then torque it down, do not over tighten it. Then let it go off for 48 hours without using the car or turning the engine on at all.

    And you can't beat Mazda stuff.

  • Danny also have a look on youtube there are some instructional videos look under MX-5 / miata

  • cheers guys again just had a look at the youtube vids and now have all the info i think ,
    tempremental engine but my wife loves the car as its hers and seeing as its 20 years old and this is the only real prob with it shows that they really were well built ,

    my sincere thanks to all for the sound advise ,

    cheers :cheers:


  • hotlinked from our friends at mx-3.com manuals:

    I think you're B5 engine in your Az3? If so torque is going to be very similar to this:

    http://mx-3.com/manuals/photo.php?file=/1995 Workshop Manual/B1/B1-084.gif

    5-8.8 Nm or 44-78 INCH lb

    Ie very little!

  • marco you are a gent ,thats what i needed too,now have to buy some sealent and im ready to get her back to normal running state ,

    cheers :cheers: marco



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