DAMOUR - 92 KLZE-TURBO project

  • well guys no time to write everything down… ill copy and paste it some might be in french but you can see some pics...


    -KLZE 2.5l 200hp 165lbs de torque (stock)
    (avec mon turbo) 250hp 200lbs de torque a 3.63psi
    -t3t4 turbo
    -HKS ssqv blow off valve (UNE VRAIE)
    -blitz large intercooler
    -xs power wastegate
    -vibrant silicone fitting
    -custom exhaust headers
    -Advance EFI piggy back (gestion de turbo)
    -exedy clutch kit (a changer pour une ACT 6 puck)
    -dual pusher fan


    -drift front bumper
    -drift side skirt
    -evo rear bumper
    -carbone fiber hood
    -peinture custom avec des metal flake rouge
    -BSA 17"x7 rims
    -nixen tires 205/40/17
    -apexi exhaust pipe
    -custon graphic
    -evotion spring drop 1.5"


    -OBX indiglow gauge (turbo,air/fuel,meter,oil)
    -speedo indiglow
    -controle de chaufrette indiglow

    • RADIO PIONEER (a etre changer)
      -2 sub clarion serie pro 500watt ch.
      -ampli pyramide 2000watt
      -volan Sparco (pas un vraie...)
      -ronin racing seat en cuir noir avec couture bleu
      -short shifter cosmo racing (a etre couper)

    ask if any questions…

    im runnning right now 6lbs of boost w a fmu and boost controller w stock injecters...

    the kit motor and turbo just recently sold im planning on rebuilding another ze and putting a bigger turbo and running 14 to 25lbs of boost...

    ill show more pics of other setup when it gets here

  • admin

    Where exactly is the turbo?

    Ive not seen a setup where the turbo is not at the top of the bay, this is interesting!!

    Did you make custom up & down pipes or did you mod an existing kit?

    Very nice looking mx-3 btw :)


  • These bore me to death now. KLZE Turbo's.

  • @c1d5258c13=Welly:

    These bore me to death now. KLZE Turbo's.

    Can't say I'd be bored driving one!

    I guess it's the obvious progression

  • admin

    Also if you think about it, there are not actually that many Turbo'd ZE's in the UK!!


  • think there from canada if my memory serves me from a previous post….. very nice clean looking motor mate, keep up the hard and good work :)

  • everything was custom made… the turbo is kinda hidden I know... im building another design where the turbo will be by the motor, better for shows, people dont always know its a ze-t

  • @9f73cd4642=Welly:

    These bore me to death now. KLZE Turbo's.

    **Can't recall having seen one, physically, myself.

    In fact, given the number of MX-3s worldwide, then given the number of those that were V6s, then the number of those that have had KL-ZE transplants and THEN the number with turbos attached, you're looking at quite a small crowd - certainly enough to make numbers of supposedly rare cars look rather vast. Not enough to be bored by them.

    Something doesn't have to be unique to be good. So your [dad's] Toyota-engined Mazda is rarer. Woo. No reason to be rude about someone else's Mazda-engined Mazda… And we are all supposed to be MX-3 fans here…**

  • no i like them by all means, fed up of seeing them though see some many video's..starting to get abit long in tooth now..

    if i was up in person have alook around it id most defiently change my mind :o

    need head porting n polishing u2u me


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