Project 166 For Sale

  • About time i did this really . This is the second mx3 that we've ownend .
    The 1st of them unfortunatly was taken by the rust monster :-/
    So why 166 well it goes back to when i bought it for my wife back in Oct 2009 for the sum of £166 . Ok so it need a clucth but it was a year younger then the last one and had much fewer miles .
    This is her when we got her ,

    Very standard but lovely all the same .
    Modding has been very slow as she's been the work horse for much of the time with afew bit here and there .
    Starting with a Jap square number plate

    Then a wheel referb and aftermarket rear lights

    Next up for tinkering was the insturment cluster , With new dial's , dial rings and some 3m carbon fiber stuff .

    When the tyres started to get low propted some new wheels .
    I'd had a good look and feel of some mx5 alloys and found them to be very light and i thought they suited the 3 very well so ,

    And just in time for Japfest we got a very nice exhaust ( Thanks DJ )

    Thats how she stands at the moment .
    Future plans - well at the end of the summer we will have a recently rebuilt 2.5 klde engine , gearbox , vaf and ecu avalible to us so it would be rude not to wouldnt it :mrgreen:
    Comment's / suggestions are welcome

  • Looking good, I asked about that exhaust a day after Dj sold it to you :( dammit :@ lol

    Looks nice thou bud.

  • Nice one of my favourite colours for the MX, very tidy!
    Wheels look great too remind me of Porsche turbo RH Alurads :bigok:

  • very nice color i havent seen too many mx-3's with it….

  • looks great and the mx5 wheels do work well with that colour

  • Thanks all ,

    I forgot afew thing s as i always do .

    Also has a huge greenstuff filter , a momo race steering wheel , Alpine CDA-7893R Head unit and as Jay knows the shortist of short shifters .


  • Now For Sale :(

  • I want that exhaust :(

  • Will get back to you tomorrow about motor

  • More pic's added in the for sale section

  • oh man already?!?!?!

    Where did you get the gauges? was it custom?

  • @ceb5c84c02=kulluminati777:

    oh man already?!?!?!
    Where did you get the gauges? was it custom?

    Well it's been nearly 4yrs lol - But it's still too soon , need's must tho .
    The gauges came from ebay .

  • @6040635b65=Lori:

    I want that exhaust :(

    £100 and comes with a free car :mrgreen:

  • @05e48746d7=GPX_Lee:


    I want that exhaust :(

    £100 and comes with a free car :mrgreen:

    If I could get it here, I'd own it already :)

  • @2081967821=Lori:



    I want that exhaust :(

    £100 and comes with a free car :mrgreen:

    If I could get it here, I'd own it already :)

    Hi, I have what appears to be same or similar exhaust on my mx-3 Eunos 1.8 V6. It came with the car that I bought but it's now blowing on the upper side and difficult to get to. My fiend who has a garage and will try to repair it can't find what type it is just in case it breaks getting it off to so needing replacing. Maybe same as a mazda6 or mx5? I haven't a clue about the technical side being a woman although I try.. Just love to drive the mx-3's and especially a good looking one! (Soz dunno how to add a pic) x

  • NOOOO…..Lori Carlyle!.... I WANT THAT EXHAUST!....
    Great looking mexy GPX lee :bowdown:
    Would it be possible to see a photo of the route of the exhaust around the sparewheel-well from undeneath? I sooo... want a DUPLEX'd exhaust like that!
    I have ideas at the moment of developing/modifying several mid-engined car exhausts (eg; MG TF) for use as a backbox's on the mexy? but these ideas are based upon the total REMOVAL and then 'panelling in' of the sparewheel-well in order to provide a 'blank canvas' and 'uggins' of room for the mounting of the modified duplex exhaust :shock:
    I also looked at the reverse glo dials and ALTEZZA? rear lights but the only source in the US i found wanted nearly 3 times as much for postage as the guages and lights cost in the first place?
    Can ya remember supplier? maybe its a different one :? kev b

  • I might have some spare glow dials… I ended up with three sets for some reason. :?

  • Want Want Want Want! one set will do! :D how much Mr???

  • Question GPX lee? Does my eye spy a 'missing' and hence open
    RESONATOR tube connection on your pic of ya engine, in ya for sale post?
    Is this your 'problem' you mentioned in your description?
    (Just ignore me if you've blocked the hole with something? its just I'm unable to zoom into pic to see clearly :? kev b

  • I had forgot about the resonator
    I removed it years ago and pluged up with a rattle can lid and some potting compond :D


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