Tasty, tasty distributors, om nom nom!

  • **So, here's one for you…

    Red ate her distributor last year sometime - engine ran one week, didn't start the next. Multimeter says the dizzy (A & C) resistance was too high = dead dizzy.

    She was SORNed at the time, so I couldn't be bothered sourcing a replacement. But I found one on eBay a couple of months back. Fitted that, started her up and nothing. No multimeter this time, but an electrician's screwdriver showed the plugs were getting power and a spark test showed that they weren't = dead dizzy. Fair enough, shyster eBay seller.

    So I nabbed a replacement again - from Jesta on here. Taken from a working car he'd parted out and with no reason to suspect malfunction. Fitted it, started her up and nothing. Fail on the spark test and the multimeter says 1.1 kilo-ohms (should be about 0.4 ohms) = dead dizzy.

    Knowing Jesta's a good guy and wouldn't sell on a part that didn't work, either the dizzy's fluke-failed between taking it off and putting it on or Red is malfunctioning in some manner (I'd go for some kind of electrical fault overloading them?) that causes her to eat distributors - three without even firing (or two if Mr eBay really was a shyster).

    Aside from the only thing I can think of to test it - buying a brand new dizzy and seeing if she eats that too, for £200 of pure waste - what can I do and what fault can folks suggest?**

  • What number dist are you using? If I'm the same you could send me yours and I will try it and see what happens ?
    Other option is to dig out wiring diagram and trace out linked components.
    Is it a new rotor and cap also ?

  • **I was hoping you weren't going to say that :lol: I'm up to my arsehole in wiring diagrams for Marvin :D

    It's the late model K8 dizzy - TOT5171.

    The eBay special was a complete unit but I don't know if it was functional - it came with a cracked cap, so my cap is brand new. Jesta's was a complete unit too and I have no doubt that it was working when he took it off.**

  • My guesses would be either a worn cam gear or a bad earth on the engine loom somewhere and the extra + energy is heating up and frying the dizzy?!


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