Fuel pump wiring, i have issues

  • i really need help, my fuel pump wiring is a nightmare :(

    it started of as the wiring melting on me..the black and red wire to the fuel pump, so i tried to rewire it, but the fuel pump trigger never came on, so the pump wouldn't work, so instead i got an adjustable fuel pump regulator and made it so the fuel pump was constantly on, basically i bypassed the relay, but when i was going at high speed the wiring melted, and smoked was everywhere, so i thought it might be the earth, so i redid an earth for it and it happened again, so obviously it couldn't be the earth, so instead i changed the power, so basically it was getting power from somewhere else.

    thinking surely it must be that, i was shocked tonight when i smelt melting plastic then the fuse blew :? :shock:

    it was the same problem! yet again at high speed so this makes me thing its something to do with the fuel pump? does it bypass something electrically that could be tripping out? other than thinking this im completely stuck :?

  • fuse might have blown because you gave it a live with to much juice, did you check the voltage etc before hand to ensure it was correct lvl's….. secondly it might be a earth coz if its at high speed there will be more friction and cause a loose earth to leave the mounts or to fuse, also maybe a bear live somwhere thats earthing its self to the chassis and at speed again more firction theory..... fingers crossed for ya mate

  • the first wire i connected it to was actually the wire it was designed to run on when the relay activated, i thought it may be too high a current so i changed it to a less powerful one. but i thought it may be the earth as wire can sometimes get hot if the earth isn't sufficient, but i've noticed it happens at the same engine speed, which is leading me to think maybe the fuel pump has a relay or equivalent built in. so when the engine speed gets high more power changes, or it swiches circuits, maybe to increase power to the fuel :?

    i've googled it and noticed a few people have come across my initial problem of the wire burning out, or fuel pump not kicking in and they think its a relay etc, but no ones figured it and got a solution :?


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