Project Autobot

  • Custum made front bumper with seem less v6 lip (only one in europe as far as i know)
    Carbon"gold"fiber pakfeifer hood (One of only 12 testmodels made by pakfeifer)
    Dotz 16" tuge graphite rims
    black altezza's
    black projector headlights with 6000K xenon
    DTS racing seats combinded with 4point saftybelts
    v-maxx 40mm lowering springs
    Carbon wrapped RS-spoiler
    Rear mudgards!
    Front and rear strutbar
    Cold air intake
    Plasma indicators for heater and dashboard +carbon inlay en chrome rings for dashboard.
    Remus exaust
    And Stickers!

    To remove some weight i took out the spare tire and backseat.

    On my to do list:

    more stickers
    1.8 dohc gt(x) engine swap
    interior upgrade
    coilovers (just decided to go lower)
    mazdaspeed skirts
    roofspoiler mazdaspeed or ATH
    lots of mazdaspeed goodies
    removing badges and replace them for stickers (stickers make your car go faster)
    EBC brake pads and disks
    Catalyst convertor twister muffler (see pic)

    And much more but can't think of it right now

    And now the import stuff…. PICS :mrgreen:

  • I want to see moar pics!! :mrgreen:

    What is the benefit of the twisty cat? Is that a true catalytic converter?? or just a fancy test pipe?

  • thats a test pipe. its not large enough to be a proper cat converter.

  • Never seen a MX3 as an Autobot, decepticon maybe :)

  • some small updates.

    Smoked city lights

    also smoked

    From japan offcourse!

  • Nice stuff !!

    Sorry to be disappointing, but Mx3Freak also did the flush v6 lip.

    By the time you want to buy that twister cat we should talk. I have one on my car and considder selling it.

  • whats the benefit of it being twisted

  • First I love your wheels, second I really love how you have done your bumper. very nice work.

  • i believe the twist has something to do with the sound its going to produce.

    some new updates arrived today from showoff imports

    had to place the mazdaspeed goodie, its a bit off a overkill

    and took a quick pic of my indigo/plasma stuff

    pics are from my mobile so sorry for bad quality

  • Whoah…. What's that cam cover? Never seen one like that on here before....

  • where did you get that MAZDASPEED indiglo thing?! :shock: :o

  • I bought it at a local tuning/styling shop in the Netherlands. If you want one keep a close eye on eBay and other second hand sites. I haven't found another shop who sells them. I also want a extra one

  • @49777dd431=RustyMx3:

    Whoah…. What's that cam cover? Never seen one like that on here before....

    its a normal 1.6i SOHC

    CAI installed wasn't a perfect fit but it works!

  • got some more stuff

    first some hood pins… feeling a bit bad about drilling holes in my rare hood :( but safety first...

    didn't like the small filter so i bought a bigger one voor my CAI

    had to saw a bit off the bottom pipe to made it fit but the result was great!

    now i'm planning to refit all the hoses with colored ones because my engine bay is ugly at the moment. and maybe there is a engine swap on the way :D

  • More stickers are on they way! Next are corksport struts and shifter bushings


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