Xenon Headlights

  • Heya all!

    Has any one else got a set of 100W Xenon lights? I was informed by a Ford owner that some fry their wiring for the headlights?

    Does this happen with our MX-3's?

  • heya, it can fry your wiring as they are designed for 50w so you overload the wire with electrons causing heat to melt wires

    Then again looking at the quality of most fords I am not surprised :rimshot:

  • The main problem being the headlight reflector design is not great to start with because of its shape! Seen a few post on here were people have fitted road illegal 100W bulbs for them not to make that much of a difference and its inevitiable the wiring will get alot hotter as its drawing more current… I personally don't think its worth the risk of getting pulled or setting fire to your motor!


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