1.6 Auto Box Questions

  • Sorry this sounds a dumb question - our previous MX3s and MX5 were manual….

    Latest addition MAY be failing to change up to 4th, but not sure exactly what we should be expecting. Could anyone tell me what revs should be at 70mph?

    IF it is not changing up, what is most likely cause? gearbox is very smooth and car ('98 1.6) has full service history, main dealer until about 15,000 miles ago - current 99000.

    Finally (thanks for your patience) where the heck can I get some sort of decent service info on this car. All the manuals I can find online are for V6 manual (we had one of those!)

    I am going to stop farting around with her ladyship's car for a while and clean the throttle body on my ancient Audi! What a way to spend a weekend :)

  • What symptoms make you think its missing 4th?

    Its higher than alot of cars, but Rpm should be no more than 4500 which i'd think it would be if it was in 3rd as far as I can remember but its a long time since I had an Auto.

    Try accellerating slowly and smoothly to 70, not using overdrive and count the changes. I could always feel the gearing change.

    The auto box has a metal pipe by the radiator that the fluid runs through to cool it down that often corrodes and leaks. Check its still ok.

    If any of you guys currently owning an auto could let us know the Rpm at 70 for sure.

  • clunky changes or late changing may show it needs an oil change in the gearbox, would be advisable to get one done very soon

    could it be your sport button left on and the dashboard bulb has blown, this leaves it to change gear until quite late ??

    AS for manuals etc, its got the same engine as MX5 and 323 1.6 and I expect you will find the 1.6 auto details easier to find searching for a 323

    have a flick through this website as you may strike lucky


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