Urgent help please

  • hi guys ,

    ive a prob that i need fixing ,the indacators on the front bumper .and the back lights wont go off,they stay lit constant and keep running down my batt,

    even with the keys out they stay lit, have resorted to disconnect the batt, what would you think id the prob ,really p**sing me right off,

    any help would be great,,,,

    cheers folks ,,,,


  • sounds like could be a bad earth , check all the wire/plug connectors.

  • Aftermarket alarm holding indicators on ?
    The lights are controlled by a relay although from memory I can't remember which one.
    Is it possible battery is so low it's upsetting alarm ?

  • If the lights are controlled by a relay then it probably means that the relay is stuck. If you can find which relay you should be able to replace it for little money. Depending on what actually happened there you can try and just flick/tap a bit against the relay and it may become unstuck. However - it may then get stuck again easily. But it would at least verify that this is the problem.

  • I would suspect your switch in the stalk is broken and not turning off properly leaving the lights on either that or the relay for the side lights is stuck open too so it will not switch off
    Relay and switch is first port of call, find the relay first and check it, usually relays melt and then can cause a permanent connection

  • well tahtas what i love ,you ask a question and you get loads of replys within 24 hour ,,,i never even guessed that it might be the relay, i will have a search on the web to see if i can find which relay it might be ,if anyone finds out please paste a link back here ,,,

    again my sincere thanks to you all,

    cheers folks ,

    will check in tomorrow again

    danny :respect:

  • the sidelight relay on the v6 is down the passenger side wing area. So open the bonnet, and look down around there. I've wire tucked my car, so I can't remember exactly!

  • I remember now marco, you have to remove the water header tank and underneath is a rubber box with 4 relays wrapped up inside there


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