To Strip or not to strip???

  • Well… the time comes to think about changes again. Having talked to some other ZE MX3 owners the best way to make the most of the conversion is to strip the car out and go for power to weight ratio. I cant remember the last time I had my sound system on properly and the back seats cant be used due to the harnesses which has led me to these thoughts....

    and back to the original front bumper (sprayed of course)

    buy rear strut brace, anti roll bars, get some good suspension and make the car what it is meant to be….

    Opinions please.....

  • if you dont need the interior then get rid, i would have two front seats though.

  • oh eh, that I didn't mean!! I would keep the 2 front seats and the front door cards, can't live with no tunes at all, means then I can run one amp and one sub (in the spare wheel well maybe) just for some sounds instead of the 2 and 2 I have now.

    Then move the battery to the middle of the car, get a CAI fitted onto the manifold and have better weight distribution too.

    Just not sure if I can live with the noise. Might be a little too loud with no cat and 2 small silencers.

  • theres a sound deadening paint u can get kind of like a paint on dynamat never used it tho might be crap

  • would work, I have some sound deadening for the 2k of ICE i have but that all weighs pounds, the whole point of stripping is to shed weight.

    Its going ahead tommorow, will post pics once everything is out and I've taken her for a spin!

  • Hi,

    Have stripped my v6, i noticed you can take more out yet, like the rear seat belt reals etc. I am going to have my air conditioning removed as this will help with the weight distribution as most weight has been removed from the rear.. I have no stereo and have removed the door speakers but have left the door cards in (although fairly weighty) as if i ever stack it on a track my arm would get ripped apart by the door metal…!

  • Hey, although i haven't stripped my car i have taken some stuff out, i've noticed the mx3 seems to respond really well to weight loss, even being incredibly noticable just having a passenger :shock:

  • yes it makes a huge difference. in my klze I took out most of my rear parts but just not having a spare tire or jack makes the most difference!

    also you should get some strut bars and lower the car - you will notice a huge difference in turning

  • where can you get a rear strut brace ?

  • think corksport does one.. not sure if tommy d has the site

  • I brought tommy D corksport rear strut brace from him.
    The website is
    I would say not to strip…..... reason.. because everything is kinda lightweight anyhow supose you could strip 30-40kg out of it going to extreme measures.
    I would put in comfortable bucket seats keep door cards, keep stereo, keep head lining, loose sunroof motor ( as i hate the mx sunroof! )
    loose back seat, but keep boot lining and re trim back. maybe lightweight roll cage system, perspex rear screen perhaps. or use Rx7 boot.
    But thats just my preference, im sure if you done above youd end up where you started :D

  • perspex rear screen would loose a lot of wieght somebody on here was on about getting one made, might have been tommy d. think he said about £200.

  • @01eceb46c2=jamesmx3:

    perspex rear screen would loose a lot of wieght somebody on here was on about getting one made, might have been tommy d. think he said about £200.

    i remember this post. however not sure if it was front or back. but they said would been a problem due to the curve


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