Some odd tick over problems

  • Yet again suffering from tick over troubles.

    So hear this out. understandably my MX has been sitting for a while. So it could just be generally in need of a good drive. But for some reason it picked up a problem very sudden with its idle.

    So here is what happens:

    Car starts from cold, and rev's up to 1,500-2000RPM for warm up

    TPS adjusts the idle down the RPM range as it gets hotter.

    Once car is warm, the idle is roughly 800RPM where It was last set. Runs smoothly.

    I touch the throttle or rise the revs to 1000RPM and allow it to drop. The rev's drop to 250 or under, and bogs down and/or stalls out, then rises back up to 500RPM and sits at that RPM level.

    So i short, while HOT the cars idle drops from 800RPM to 500RPM when throttle is applied and released. The engine may stall from bogging down.

    So could it be a faulty TPS? VAF? damaged air flow pipe? IAC? Or could the Throttle body need removing and cleaning? And resetting?

    Thanks for your help, I did look around the forum, and see that poor idle in the K series is a common problem.

  • my mates MX6 did this, we found multiple issues. First, a didgy HT lead (dodgy as in two HT's taped together), issue with a missing pipe from the back of the air box (replaced), had TB cleaned, reset the ECU, this seemed to help as I recall.

  • Check for air leaks, and check your tps reading. 800rpm is quite high, should be about 600/700, also consider doing a throttle reset, theres a guide in the how to section or pm me and ill run you through it as the guide lacks a few extra details


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