V6 cambelt replacement

  • Hi,
    I've replaced cambelts on other cars but not my MX-3 V6.
    Is there a post in the engine forum showing the easiest way??
    Also where is the best place to buy a cambelt and are there any dodgy ones to avoid?
    Will I need a mortgage to buy one or do you know where they are not too expensive?
    Thanks :?

  • Fordprobestore is a good place to get them bud.


    For teh guide.

  • Or:
    http://mx-3.com/manuals/showimg.php?file=/1995 Workshop Manual/B2/B2-107.gif

    It's a <2 hour job if you're used to it. <1 hour job if you don't run timing belt covers. For a first time give yourself a weekend to calmly attack it ;)

    For cracking off the crank pulley I recommend:


    How to Remove your old pulley

    -Take off your front right wheel
    -Take off the splash guard (approx 7 bolts)
    -Slacken the alternator and powersteering belt tensioners until the belts can be removed (alternator first)
    -Position your breaker bar as in the picture below. Use a 22mm socket. It is wedged into the ground perpendicular to the pulley

    -Crank the engine briefly
    -Be overjoyed at how easy that technique makes it
    -You should now be able to hand loosen the bolt until it is off
    -Pull on the pulley, you may need to wiggle it and use a screwdrive against the powersteering pulley to lever it a bit. I also gave it a few hammer taps

    It's not the "right" way, so I can't be held responsible if goes wrong :P However I've used it many times when impact gun won't do it.

    I also use a foam block and jack under the sump to support the engine once the mount is off. Again, not ideal for the sump, but I've never had an issue. It may finish off an already leaking sump seal though.

  • Hi Guys,
    Many thanks. The how to do it article is very clear and I'll have a go at it when the weather gets warmer.
    Are you guys going to Beaulieu this weekend?

  • Nice tip that marco, especially like the crank the engine technique! If I could add to that though, then I think removing the ignition leads would be good, that way it wont fire up and continue on passed the quick starter blip.

  • when my timing belt snapped on my roadtrip last year, I used the exact method Marco outlined since I had to change it in a parking lot :shock: :o

  • would the AA/RAC fix a cambelt by the roadside if you had a kit in the car? just curious in case i do get another 3 it might be worth me getting AA/RAC and keeping a kit in the car.

  • nah, theyll just take you to the nearest garage

  • if you are doing cambelt make sure you do the waterpump at the same time, dont scrimp on it as it may bite you in the ass in 6 months time :mrgreen:

  • Wouldn't recommend the Probe Store though.

    Been nothing but a pain in the ass for me over the last few months! Never again!!

  • What way is the thread on the crank ?

    To loosen it; should it be 11 to 6 (counterclock wise) or 1 to 6 clockwise. ?

  • it's a standard thread. I can't think of any reverse threads on my car, except the bolts on the LSD. So lefty loosey righty tighty as usual.


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