Steering wheel help

  • Hiya, I tried to fit my RX7 steering wheel today and I have a problem,

    the RX boss has the brass center and just spins around with a pin sliding on it for power to the horn, I have an airbag edition mx and underneath that is the flat tape for the airbag wiring

    Do I need to get a 1991-93 non airbag stalk cluster for it to work or is there a way around it with the airbag tape wiring

  • This is were you have to get creative :)

    Take the front off the clock spring and remove the flat wire from the plug.
    and reravel back into casing.
    Cut off the plastic plug protruding from the front plate of the clock spring.
    Find out which wire operates the horn on the flat wire.
    reattach the clock spring front plate with the horn wire poking out so it will
    contact the brass plate/or pin on the back of the RX-7 boss.

    voila horn working! worked on my airbaged system.

  • dose the rx wheel have an air bag if not remove the whole airbag strip thing then it should go on theres a plug under the colum that disconnets the wireing

    i had the same problem with an aftermarket one could do with a how too on this if you have time

  • sounds like sam has the answer there, I will have to look at maybe a flat copper connector to go on there for a good contact, last thing I need with my luck is cut that off and it all going wrong :?

  • I think we found a crimp the right size that fitted over the horn wire poking out from the clock spring.

  • if you end up needing the 91-93 indicator stalks, let me know as I have some


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