Dash conversions?

  • anyone else ever wondered what dashboards could be made to fit in the mx-3?

    Had a go in a mates mk1 audi TT and without taking any measurements it looked small enough to fit.

    Anyone got any pics of mx-3's with dash conversions done?

  • Nope never wondered it myself as I've seen many a dash conversion given up half way through.. its just soo much work you may aswell buy a different car to begin with.

    Hows about this little beauty :shock:

  • Thats mental!! ….and not in a good way....

    Yeah they are not for the faint hearted, but it doesn't scare me off.

    I'm toying with the idea of building one last mx-3, either that or something old shcool like an old vw or capri... not sure yet the verdict is still out.

    I could build an old vw or capri up and actually make money on it when I sold it, but i'd only ever lose money on the mx-3.

    Just can't make my mind up...

  • The mx3 is all electric so no speedo cables if you think about going retro, luckily mazda have marked the rear of the cluster so you know what cable does what when wiring in another

  • Ive always liked the 323f dash. Still not a easy conversion but must be slightly easier

  • Just thought a TT dash would be a nice upgrade on the stock dash and its been put into so many other cars now there is lots of info out there on wiring.

  • Do it and go down in mx3 history !.
    It would be a seriously good upgrade

  • Thought we had one of the more interesting dashes in our class, well, the JDM and 'bubble' ones at least.

  • The JDM dash is outstanding imo, the center speaker vent and the more roundish* demister and hazard light switches really make it look more organic and match the natural lines of the car, the french bubble one is good as well.

  • I think if the sun glaring off of the white dash didn't get you the geared clusters would put you into a seizure from everything going on up there…. way too loud for my taste.

    I wondered about a MX6 or 3rd gen RX7 dash. neither would be a direct swap but would be kind of nice.


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