• Hi all, I am looking for anyone thats coming south past birmingham in the next couple of weeks to collect something for me a bring it down to southampton or nearer than birmingham

    I have just sourced a Nissan Largo windscreen, they are import only and not available in the UK and this is the only one I have managed to find

    If you can come to southampton I will pay the £50 fuel I expected to use to do the trip in the Largo otherwise I can negotiate a meeting elsewhere for a little less

    It just has to be taken with the utmost care and sofft fluffy cushions in the back as these things are impossible to buy in the UK and I need it for the MOT in 8 weeks

    Genuine offer as Hammy has done one of these before for me with my carbon bonnet

  • Where is it?

    I can pick it up if it's close to Birmingham but won't be running down south anytime soon.

  • Sorry to hear about all your woes Keith…life can certainly throw
    some sh..e at times.

    If nobody is coming south I'm happy to collect for cost of
    no big fixed plans over next two weeks so can go anyday when
    weather isn't sh...y.

    I could bring it down to Southampton or You collect from Overton
    or in between [Winchester Tesco or Sutton Scotney services]

  • Heya, thanks Geoff I may take you up on that

    I will have to measure it to fit in an mx3 as its about the size of a bonnet


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