What attracted you to the MX-3

  • I was looking for another 323f, when I discovered the MX-3 had 4 seats… by accident on ebay (though it was a 2 seater???). I had seen the odd Mx3 around, and marvelled at the fact that such a small car had a V6 in it!

    When I was young, I always wanted a sports car like knight rider, something about it stood out, especially the wrap around style glass tailgate...


    I also saw a few renault fuego's which I really liked the look of....


    they both look dated now but I think in the early 80's these cars left an impression on me and the MX3 is a better looking car that the above. Love it...

    Especially I have always wanted a V6 as they sound great!

    What lead you to buy an MX-3 ?

  • For me I had a go in someone elses MX-3 and it was a combination of the looks and the handling that first got me interested, but I found it too slow for me so abused it for a bit then lost interest and but it still floated around in the back of my mind for a while until I came across the KLZE conversion and by then they had dropped to an affordable price so I bought all the parts I needed and sourced a donor car and built my first ZE and at the time you couldn't buy a faster car for lesss than I paid for everything I also bought a bog standard mx3 special edition for a run around.

    I still really like them now even though I don't own one at the moment. They still stand out from the crowd and i've no doubt another one will come my way again.

    Its mainly the petrol prices that puts me off at the moment, if I owned one i'd have to put a ze in it and then I wouldn't be able to run it. Catch 22 for me… as i'm not working at the moment.

    That and there's so many decent cars at a similar price nowdays...

  • When I was 14 or 15, my Da was in quick need of a car, so he bought a 91 raspberry metallic v6 Presso off a local mechanic. It felt so quick and was one of the first cars I ever drove. He had it for around four years before it gave up the ghost and he moved it on. I finished University last Summer and needed a car for getting to a new job. I was looking at the likes of VZRs and Levins, but when I seen an almost identical Presso online, and only twenty minutes from my house, I couldn't help but take a look. And as soon as I seen it up close and sat into it, I knew I had to have it :mrgreen:

  • I was fed up of driving sh!tters and had a 1.4 astra and then a corsa non turbo diesel before my first MX and was bored of being overtaken by milk floats, I wanted a jap coupe that was pretty quick and I looked at the FTO, celica's etc and I just typed in mazda on autotrader and looked through all the cars listed on there as I didnt know of a mazda coupe and found the MX3 then I looked and drove a eunos V6 auto in black first
    It was slow but made the right sounds then I looked underneath and it had a whole new side welded on at some point and I walked away, we looked in our local freeads on the way home and found a 1991 red one, looked at it and it was mint for £500 and then I went to town on all the parts that needed doing as the bloke let it slip he was desperate to shift so I got him down to £350 :bigok:
    And thats the day the wife became second place in our marriage hahahaha

  • cheap to buy fun to drive, looks more exotic than most run of the mill motors and its easy to booooost :D

  • I rode motorbikes for 6 years, then finally bothered to get on and do my car license, I wanted something a little special, that wasnt such a farcry from motorbikes, couldnt be pootling about in something that wasnt revvy or felt dull to drive. Stumbled across it completely by accident, never even heard of them before, it was red, it had a v6, and although the insurance was high since it was my first car, it was still cheaper than insurance for a vauxhall astra!! Checked youtube for videos, liked what I saw and heard, so I traveled 140miles upto Birmingham, and bought mine.

  • **Oddly, it was the seating position.

    My dad had cycles of cars - sports -> SUV -> sports - and he got rid of his Ford Explorer in 2001 and replaced it with an MX-3. I quite enjoyed the odd occasion of being in it, but I never got on with the seating position - he always sat very differently in the driver's seat, because he had ickle legs. One day I was moving it for him and decided bollocks to him and moved the seat to my position (rather than hop in, move it, hop out). And that was me sold.

    About 6 months later I was looking to ditch my Mk3 Fiesta for something a bit more lively and, at the same time, he had his first heart attack and decided to offload the lively for some dull (this didn't last - his last six cars were a Mk1 Focus TDCi, a Mk1 Focus ST170, an X300 Jaguar XJ6, a Jaguar S-Type 3.0, a Jaguar S-Type R and a Mondeo ST220…), so I bought it off him. That was September 2003.

    Anyone else here owned an MX-3 for eight-and-a-half years? :D**

  • in 2005 !!!!, I stumbled across a alfa 2.5 v6 selespeed at and auction and got outbid.
    I then started to find out what other cars had v6s in them.
    My next car to look at was the FTO, but the insurance was almost double of the alfa.
    and It would have been the MR2 in honesty but i wanted a decent boot and rear seats as it was only meant to be a run around car.
    Then by sheer luck, I found the mx3 on autotrader, drove miles to go and look at it, loved the punchy v6 engine, so brought it.
    As i said it was just supose to be a car to get me to work and back and that was it, but the front suspension started leaking and knocking badly. Google lead me new suspension parts but also mx3.com forum. Where i found out just what you could do to these !!, A guy in birmingham had all the bits for a KLZE conversion on a pallet but decided not to finish the project, so I brought the lot !!. And here we are today!!.

  • cool thread!

    I didn't even know the mx-3 existed when I got my first one (a 94 GS with the bubble dash). I was looking for some type of civic hatch back or a del sol and they had just rolled the creek blue mica mx-3 from the back freshly washed. I immediately fell in love with the styling inside and out and the rest is history! 8)

  • i was looking for a car anything that was cheap so my friends wife surgested to by her 1.6 auto so i had a look at it and wasnt totaly keen on it but i got it any way as i needed a car after a good clean and polish it started to grow on me and the more i drove it i realised that i could realy push it round corners and the more i did to it i just fell in love with it im now on my 3rd and just cant part with it lol

  • Well it was a compromise between insurance/running/purchasing cost and a supra. I saw the supra style wing and knew that's how I wanted mine, like a baby supra. It was my first car and I loved it. It came with a carbon fibre 4" jap style backbox and sounded like heaven. Then I got interested in modifying a bit, got some konig hurry 17"s. Then the car became a real beauty. I'd happily run that look again :) Over time I gradually appreciated what a cracking car it was, especially as I experienced driving other friends cars. Then came the ZE and the black car, then things all got a bit ridiculous :lol:

    RIP my beauty! Damn you salty stinking wet NI! ALL I WANT IS A MINT RUST FREE RED MX3!!

  • Was looking at the 323F but a mate said about the MX3, took a google search to see one around this way, but loved the shape of it and rareness.


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