Alloys - MX3 vx MX5

  • From various comparisons I've seen, the Mk 1 MX-5 alloys seem to have the same PCD and similar offset to the MX-3 ones. Does anyone know for sure if these fit?

    There seems to be loads of MX-5 alloys on e-bay, but very few MX-3 ones. Im trying to keep OEM+, while loosing the nasty petal allows on my wife's '93 V6.


  • Hiya, any type MAZDA 4 stud wheels have the same spacing

    you can use 121, 323, mx5, mx-3, 626, xedos 6
    Anything from the mazda range with 4 studs

    If you dont want monster bling alloys then VW, VAUXHALL, TOYOTA, RENAULT plus other makes all use 100pcd 4 stud wheels

  • i have a nice set of genuine mazdaspeed alloys for sale with 4 centre caps (unheard of for these wheels) pics in the for sale section

  • Yes as said 4 stud MX5 alloys will fit, funnily enough my car came with these carrera sport wheels which you do see from time to time on MX-5's

    There are a nice addition being 7J wide 8)


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