• i have put the web address as my sig on if we could get on google we'd have a few more members i reckon, but i dont know how we'd go about that, the buiness card idea sounds good, 'whenever you see an mx3 put a card on the window!!!'

    we need more input, or this site will die, i know dan(irishmx3) wants to make another site but this is a good one and we should try to build on what we've got rather than staring from scratch. Just my 2pence but i thout a new topic was worth it just so more people would veiw it.

    any ideas on how to make it better, after all its us who want to know things about our cars

  • Agreed, I think google might be a bit expensive for one person to pay for but we could try to get a collection, I'm sure we can all spare £1! not sure how far that'll go but it might be worth trying

  • If you Google "UK MX3" or "UK MX3 FORUM" were already listed on the first page. :D

  • oh yeah just done it now, i only said it because one of the new members said it wasnt listed. my bad!

  • Im guessing they might have searched using "MX-3" instead of "MX3" in which case we dont show up.

  • what about the car stickers, because last night i pissed all over a import 1.6 mx 3 in silver (had to be done lol) if i had the sticker on the small rear window, he would have probably came on the site!

  • yeh dont know what happened to them, there was a dutch guy (i think) who was willing to make them, i thought admin was dealing with him. any body heard anything?


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