Electrical / ECU

  • hi lads
    does anyone know which terninal / wire coming from the V6 ECU is the spark output signal wire? i am doing a custom exhaust for my college project and i need to have a before and after power reading to prove if my system is better than standard. i have borrowed a road dyno from college and it requires me take a reading from this wire. i have tryed looking at the online manual but it cant tell for sure which wire i need. as far as i can tell its terminal 36 / orange wire.
    can anyone confirm this or advise otherwise?
    cheers boys :D

  • Hi and welcome to the forum,.. good question as far as i can see from all the manuals etc i have youd be correct, orange wire terminal 36…

  • Welcome! What's the road dyno? Dynolicious or G-Tech or something?

    Well you could double check by seeing what goes into your disty. Iirc it's a 5volt signal. If you look up the HEI mod on mx-3.com it might help clarify.



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