MX-3 front window screen

  • Does anyone know cost price of mx3 front window screen.
    There is one on ebay for £60 pick up in my area luckily.
    Seems like a good deal as id pay £50-100 in excess anyhow.

  • if you are happy to pay 50 and fit yourself that sounds a good deal

    I bought a brand new windscreen for the equipe and that was £120 fitted so i would guess around £60 brand new if someone supplied it to you, contact the small independant screen fitters their prices are realistic
    I paid £120 from a local guy called totton windscreens, when i tried autoglass and the other insrance rip offs they quoted £400 and over

    THATS THE REAL REASON OUR INSURANCE IS SO HIGH - rip off repairers with over inflated prices with guaranteed work from insurance companies

  • well from a small local company, he wanted 120 to remove only. front and rear screens.
    Maybe its worth shopping around with other small companys before i decide.
    I dont know if you can still buy the front and rear screen seals for these anymore or whether they use a retro fit product.


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