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  • Hi folks, this has probably been asked in the past but I couldn't find a thread using the search function…

    Does anyone know of a usable induction kit for the 1.8l V6 model? I actually tried the nice silver one on fordprobestore but the guy I took it to fit it in said it doesn't fit or something...

    I can try taking it to another garage but its mostly kwik fits and halfords garages where I'm at currently...

    So any suggestions of usable induction kits that'll definitely fit the mx3? :)

    Also, the pipe that fits the air hose near the front of the car, if left unconnected, it doesn't have any bad effects does it?

    Thanks again!

  • I've got the probestore one fitted on my car, so it does fit. What exactly did mechanic say when he said it did not fit?

  • Fit it yourself it definately fits, the mx-3 is too uncommon to take it to a garage for something like that.

    And yes its fine to leave that vacuum hose off.

    Its really easy to fit just look at the pics and apply common sense, as you might have to budge some bits out of the way.

  • Thanks for the replies :)

    The guy (ex mechanic at a garage) offered to fit it for me for a £30 so I thought it was a nice deal but he just said the part doesn't fit, no other details…

    One reviewer said on the website that if you have no AC in the car it'll fit fine. Mine has AC... unfortunately I live in a flat with the car parked on the road side so cant really do any work on it myself :(

    Is removing the AC easy to do? I dont mind taking it out, I dont use it much anyway. But hopefully there's another induction kit out there that'll let me keep the AC just in case :P

  • can you not just trim the induction pipe and remove the old air box? i wouldnt think the A/C would make much difference to where it should be fitting.

  • @0497ca1def=daniel:

    can you not just trim the induction pipe and remove the old air box? i wouldnt think the A/C would make much difference to where it should be fitting.

    hmm I'm gonna look into a garage a little further out from me, they do custom modifications (or so they say on their website) hopefully they can get this part to fit. Will post an update in the next few days :)

  • just do it yourself its a 10 minuite job.

    all you need is a 10mm spanner and a screwdriver.

    I've done a headgasket on the side of thr road before.

    Post up an overhead view of your engine bay so we can help better.

    If something is in the way just relocate it out of the way, or bend it out of the way.

  • I bet the plonker hasnt removed the front air panel

    to fit you need to remove

    the plastic cover above the radiator going to the air box, the big airbox on the right hand side of the engine bay and then the big hose running to the engine, all of it needs to come out and then just refit the induction with the air flow meter, that is the short metal tube you had to undo with the plug connected, that is the only piece needed to run the engine, all the other plastic parts must come out

    here is some photos
    all the black plastic has to be removed in this photo from the front and the right hand side of the engine

    once fitted it should look a bit like this when you have finished it
    Note: all the missing plastic parts


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