K8ZE potential

  • Okay, so we all know that the best and easiest way to get more power out of our cars is to drop in a KL.

    Now, I seem to be the unluckiest fucker when it comes to picking up a KLZE and I'm starting to think there must be a reason for it! :lol: So, I'm considering trying to open up the potential (or at least some) of the K8ZE.

    So…does it actually have any potential for more power? We know it doesn't take well to boost, or at least much boost - so what else can we do to get another 40-50bhp out of it?

    Straight through exhaust would help. Are the KFZE or KLZE cams more aggressive - would they fit? What about the KL inlet or exhaust manifolds? Individual throttle bodies, or would the difference really be noticeable considering you'd have to get rid of the VRIS? Port and polish?

    I know once it all adds up, the cost:power ration doesn't stack up compared to a KL, but lets pretend dropping a KL into it is just impossible :P

  • Takes OK to boost, you'll be faster than a ZE anyway.

    Clairetoo made an extra 30bhp on a k8 with ITBs.

    KLZE cams are more aggressive, higher lift at least. Though I haven't checked k8ZE cams.

    Get the usual headers for mx6/probe v6.

    Fidanza fly, underdrive pulley (balance required - debatable).

    Nitrous would be an easy way.

    Management of course - VAF delete.

    LSD, better tyres, traction mods.

    The good thing is all these mods are transferable.

    KLG4 inlet manifold, or port out k8 to ZE manifold (I did this with my k8 for a while)

    KL throttle body.

  • Just seen your vid of the KL on ITBs - :shock: .


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