KL36 ECU issues

  • hey lads just got my kl36 ecu put it in the car but will not run the car immob light dose not come on but yet its like there is no fireing what could this be

  • And also its blowing my injector fuse all the time what can it be

  • Does it blow with old k8 ecu ?
    Also what stage are you at with swap ? Is 2.5 in now ?

  • He's got no project log, comes on here asking questions/help, hardly replies to peoples easy questions, I find him rude, thats my opinion anyway

  • Yes it is now the 2.5 but it does not blow with the k8 only with the kl36 and I will do a log as soon as I have finnished the car

  • best way is to have a running log of what you have done and when you have done it so people know where they are with your project. still curious to see the mx6 suspension fitted btw, we are all looking forward to that. and as for blowing the fuse and no spark i dont know, could be a duff ecu, could be a duff starter motor could be a number of things at the same time causing the problems described.

  • If you look at other members worklogs you will see progression of work being done to their cars, not completed! So maybe get a worklog going, post threads in right sections would be a start eh?

  • That's weird with k8 vs kl36. Are you using mx6 or mx3 harness ?
    I rekon your going to have to strip out immobiliser. Your harness must be different between immobiliser and non Immobilser.

  • Do u know where I can get a non ammobiliser loom from coz I will not know which wires are which,

  • 07854639593 sod it some one txt me and I will call u back be easy to explain what's going on then lol

  • I think someone possibly tried to find a immobilzer wiring diagram but not sure how they got on, Ive got 4 mazda manuals on the mx3, i will try and look at loom diagram if i get 5 mins. Your 2.5 should still run on k8 ecu, but will be down a few torques as VRIS points will be out.

  • Subject title amended and topic moved,…

  • I'm just stumped on why the Ecu blows my injector fuse but the k8 dnt

  • I've had a quick look, it seems immobilizer only concerns fuel pump relay. All the injectors are wired back to the ecu apart from a shared megative. What fuse exactely is it blowing ? It's hard to say how far of the fuse covers what wiring. try and unplug the injectors to see if fuse still blows. also have a look at the loom right by the rear exhaust manifold. I cooked a section of old egr wiring on mine from being too close where it dropped down after engine change. It also kept blowing fuses.
    the diagrams I have are bit pants as they are from u.s market. I'm not sure that they got factory immobilisers with theirs.

  • But it only blows with the kl36 plugged in when my k8 is in runs fine lol

  • try earthing off the casing of the ecu to ground,..

  • So u think if I ground it u think it will work

  • @233fb25e0b=dumplin69:

    So u think if I ground it u think it will work

    Its not a matter of what i think fella, you have an issue with blowing fuses and an ecu thats working thats usually down to a damage wire or fail component or bad earth, eliminate the most obvious problem check all earths and add an extra one to the casing,. it could be poss you have a duff ecu which with blowing fuses id say yes to,.. Remember no one person is an expert on forums like this its a collective of knowledge from like minded individuals who have a love for the same car..alot of things can be trial and error too,..

    reading back over this your original ecu works and the kl36 doesnt so your issue is with the ecu not the car,..plz feel free to correct me,..


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