Solo_ryder - 1993 MX-3 GS-ZE Project

  • This is my good condition 1993 GS with now 165,000kms. I bought it as a one owner Vancouver BC vehicle that has been sitting for the last 3 years in a feild. I checked the car thuroughly and saw no rust. The whole bottom side of the car was undercoated to my delight. The paint wasn't in bad shape and the interior was mint 100% original except for the tint on the windows. It came with a remus exhaust and some HKS filter.

    This is what it looked like when I bought it:

  • Here are the list of mods so far:


    Year 2000+ Mazda Millenia motor from japan
    SS-autochrome headers (hotshots soon)
    2.5" SS headers back with a 18" glasspack resonator and a Megan muffler
    NGK wires and plugs
    KL36 ecu
    1 piece custom intake
    Polyurathane filled motor mounts
    Centerforce dual friction clutch
    Lightned flywheel


    Ford racing Tokico ZX-2 struts
    Ground Control coilover sleeves
    Camber kit


    Custom powdercoated 17" Konig heliums with a polished lip
    205/40/17 Yokohama AVS ES100 tires


    Smoked JDM taillights (have black altezza's @ home)
    Clear corner lights all round
    Alpine CDA 9813 deck
    MTX coaxials F+R
    MTX MXS1004 sub
    Kenwood 600W amp bridged
    Sirius satelite radio
    White faced guages for speedo and HVAC
    Mazdaspeed protege shift know with re-worked and shortend shifter

  • Here is my car before I left for the Philippines (where I am now):

    Here is my 1993 MX3 GS.


    I am still really looking for some rear mud flaps and some rear side flares (behind doors) to help out my look. Anyways, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!

  • VERY NICE!!!

    like them alloys, u must polish that everyday!

    Welcome mate!!

  • quit showing off your perfect MX-3… JK LOL :D

    seriously if I didn't run primer on mine I would probably have a black one just like yours...


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