Where do we go from here?

  • Please allow me to bore you with my random thoughts from my drive home today.

    Ok, my MX3 is a 98 plate last of line and it got me thinking where do all 3’ers go when ours are too old, rusty or expensive to carry because I guess there will be a point for most. Although I’m not a true MX3 enthusiast it would have been good if Mazda had let them run on in to the early 2000’s as I would have bought another V6 and how much better would a factory 2.5 model have been! I’m on my second Japanese car now (both have been 90’s Mazdas) and can only think if staying K series maybe a Xedos 6 but even they finished on V plate and that’s knocking on if I plan to keep my current car 2-3 years more.

    Have any of you thought that far ahead? I do think dark days are ahead with regard to fuel prices and emissions.

  • I really hope these electric/hydrogen/whatever engines take off so they can leave more petrol for me :twisted:

  • It becomes a toy and sits in your garden and teases you every day until those few hot days in the spring / summer when you take it for a blast. 6 months road tax and 2k limited insurance means it doesn't break the bank and you can enjoy 10 yrs of mx ownership.
    That's my story so far anyhow.
    And during the other months it's a 3 cyl diesel or Eco car will be the future unfortunately. I'm quite fond of the Honda Cr-z as it goes.

  • I'm with you on the CR-Z garfy! Its what you get if you mash a Honda Civic with a CR-X (that was one sweet car lol) :)


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