• no net at home for hte moment so no msn.
    iv almost completed a prototype for the side windows in (clear plastic/ perspex)

    i made 2
    one is a stronger plastic of 7mm which i have yet to heat and mould to the shape! (where the edges have been filed dowd to fit into the slot for the window
    and the 2nd was of a more flexible 3mm sheet and is really handy and easy to use as it is more flexable its a case if pressing it down onto the original glass and tracing out the outline of the glasswindow! and then drilling the needed holes!
    (alot easier but I dont know about safety except for the fact it wont shatter) but then again windows in a care are more to protect you from the elements rather than anything else so it should be ok!

  • are you going to be making more of these?

  • I suppose I could if people wanted them! the side windows are easy! my problem is now trying to make ones for the front and rear windows :?

    would you be looking for the front and rear aswell or just the sides?
    (as if i use the thiner more flexable ones!) p&p should be very cheap as its just a case of sending 2 flat bits of perspex! as with the front and rear they would have to be moulded!

    Im even thinking of fabricating 2 pillars to go alont the top corners of the boor where the glass bends as i could then more easily make and fit 3 sepperate pannels!

    any ideas guys?

  • if you moulded to the inside of the rear glass, then moulded to the out side og that it'd be pretty close right? you'd need some heat to curve it i guess.

  • This was my idea, i told you about Dan, lol

    I was going to sell them but hey, good luck, front windows are illegal as they must be Toughened Glass, and rear can be as you like.

    One other thing you will want a softer race grade perspex as the stuff you buy from plastics shops fractures opon impact into shards which would be nasty in the event of a crash…......

    As i conducted the research, the only remedie i came up with was to use 5mm perspex on the outside with a very soft laminated 2mm inside, this would also aid the curvature of the window as you could use thremoplastic properties to warp the curve in the side window with a gell form of Tensol Cement for bonding.

    Just stuff i came up with in research, good luck :)

  • it wasnt just your idea! im doing the 1.5 up for rally and compitition rules state perspex windows! i just hadnt started it!

  • youd have to get the curve for the side windows, otherwise when you wind them up the plastic window will be on the outside of the window frame

    if you get a rear screen done id be interested, wouldn't mind getting rid of that heavy thing :)

  • couldn't you just remove the glass from the mx-3 and mold it with the curve after that?

  • yea but the lenghts would be off about 1cm everywhere.
    and the side windows if you get 3mm perspex it bends as needed by itsself


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