Autozam AZ-3 B series 1.5 - advice sought

  • I am looking to buy an MX-3 fairly soon. I would ideally like a V6.

    However, in the interests of getting into the sub 1549cc tax bracket and to be a bit different, I am thinking of getting an AZ3 - 1.5.

    Aparently 119 hp and quite rare.

    I'm not planning on winning any races, just want some advice on parts availability (engine / gearbox mainly) and what do they drive like in the real world?

    Many Thanks…

    Trev (ice man...)

  • Hiya Trev, get the V6 if you can afford it as you will love the sound and speed it has in it
    If money is tight then I fully support the autozam route, it does have the cheap tax and has a B6ZE engine
    Its got the old 1.5 mazda bottom end from the earlier 323 etc but has a 1.6 head with better cams and an improved larger induction system giving them more HP than a standard uk 1.6

    They are quite rare to find but they are out there and do crop up regularly, do check them out first as they were sold as autozam, mazdas own brand like tesco value, you may find most have no sunroof and a cheap interior and steel wheels but do search as some have loads of extras like aircon etc

    I would recommend if you have the cash and want a 1.5 is to buy this

    Not only a 1.5 autozam but its rare to seem them on an R plate and its full of rare body parts that you would get a lot of money back on selling if you broke it up for parts and has pretty much everything a JDM mx3 fan wants
    Good Luck

  • Exactely what dj said. I would check also about insurance on a import model. All 1.5 are imports.
    That one on eBay is a good deal if it is in as good a condition as it looks.

  • Yeah I'm watching the silver one. Wish I had the money right now! If. You look carefully there is a 'flute' ? (Rear sill part) on the passenger side but not the drivers side.

    If I got it, I would refurbish and paint the wheels gunmetal metallic. Maybe it will still be for sale when I get some money sorted.

    For goodness sake I hope it doesn't get broken up for parts :( too many good cars die young…

  • Oh yeah the rear spat is missing !!. Good spot.

  • Yeah, been watching that one too. Basically, as soon as i get some money there wont be any az3's about… anyone got £800 I can borrow?

  • silver rear spat will be dead easy to replace, also I have been watching this for almost 6 months now, it started at £1200 then down to £995 and now £795

    As a business the most important thing is cash flow - not profit - money tied up sat on a forecourt for a long time is the worst thing for car dealers, they are more interested in shifting a non seller to purchase something that moves fast with good profit

    So when you call you know it has been there a long time which is great for you,
    call the company and tell them you want the car but you live a long way to collect or look over it but you will give him the full £795 on a few conditions
    12 Months MOT,
    12 Months tax
    The silver spat replacing ( tell him all mx-3's have the same silver and just get one from ebay fitted)
    and full tank of fuel to get home
    and you will give him a deposit of £295 via direct transfer and the rest on collection

    The MOt he will have a mate that will be chuck it straight through for you, the TAX they get for a fraction of what we pay for it as he is a dealer, 12 months I think costs him £40 as its something to do with the vat etc when you are selling and paying tax on cars as a business, thats why most offer 6 months as an incentive as thats about £25 for them
    Spat will take a few days but he will get one for you and the fuel is tax deductable too so thats just another £35 to him
    You then reap the benefits for not much extra outlay

    also its an import it has 112 on the clock thats in KM so its actually 69k miles :shock: :D

  • ///\ great advice Thanks!… Id be happy to do that without the spat and 6 months tax... Just got no money GRRRRRRR :x meeting at the bank on Saturday... fingers crossed..

  • I've bought mint mx-3 v6's for under £600 that would save you £200 straight off LOL.

    Seriously though, I tried a 1.5 once and was not impressed I had a 1.6 auto and it felt much better and they are not slow for what they are, its a very good auto box.

    But the 1.8 is where it starts to get interesting, hit 4500 rpm and you can't help but smile all the way up to the redline. They are still not quick but enough to not get bored off.

    I still think they should all have a ZE at least in there, buy a minter with a duff engine for £300 and do a poor mans ZE swap for £450. I paid £114 a year tax and £400 insurance (through HIC) with everything declared. It was actually cheaper to insure it after the ZE swap than it was before LOL.

    But thats just me i'd strap rockets onto one If I could get hold of some. But you don't want to start modding your car (yes you won't be able to resist it eventually) only to regret down the line that you didn't buy a v6 for the sake of a few quid.

  • Thanks Admin ;-)

    I have an eye on a cheap MX3 v6 that needs work but has low miles and 3 months MOT/TAX - Might be able to get it for £200.

    I know the 1.5 isn't going to be quick, although it might be a bit exiting after 5,000 rpm! … to be honest, I had a 1.5 323f and was quite happy with the perfomance, as I was glad to have lower tax and nearly 40 mpg...

    Right now I want a cheap car that looks and handles well, and hopefully doesnt go wront too often.

    Going to the bank tomorrow... If I can get a loan, I might be able to budget in £1000 to get a car and do a bit to it... if not, £200 banger and a running restoration it is... ;-)

    Any other opinion on driving / maintaining a 1.5?

  • Actually, I have been doing more research, including listening to MX3's on yout*be, and to be honest, It has to be a V6! a 1.8 is enough for me…. but the sound is gorgeous... my brother said it sounds like a car on Gran-Tourismo! seen a few good V6's out there. Cant wait (need ££££) :roll:

  • The 1.5 I picked up is definitely quick (or maybe I was just caught off guard :P ) but the V6 is definitely the better motor and that sound is immense! If it moved as good as it sounds then the car would have been much more popular!

  • this video always sells it ;

  • OK, Things are happening. zero to hero! got £600 budget to buy a car and I've offered it to a guy selling an AZ3 1.5 - lets see if he'll come down to my asking price…. want a japan import really as my father in law has a japan spec integra type R and he goes to a regular meet in Gloucester... (GlosJapCarClub) and I have a soft spot for japanese spec cars... and I'd like to join in!

    Love the sound of the K8, but times are hard and a B5DE will be cheaper to tax and maybe to run and insure???

    Any luck I'll have an MX3 this weekend :D :D :D

    Any more advice on the 1.5 before I travel to look at it?

  • Have you had any insurance quotes yet? as imports can sometimes be more expensive to insure, you may want to try a specailist broker.

    Depends what you mean by tune? would cost the same as a 1600 to turbo ;)

  • To be honest std tune would be fine. oops :oops: should have spelled 'Run' (not Trun) LOL

    Going to phone around insurers tomorrow. Bit tricky, I have named driver NCD with Tesco, and had 3 yrs NCD last year… problem is I keep getting motorbikes and losing my car NCD, despite never making a car related claim (or any insurance claim) since I got my license in '93... Problem is Tesco dont do imports... but they accepted all the mods on my 323f :D

    v6's arent ruled out, just got my eye on a cheeky 1.5 JDM. if not i'll try to offer money to the guy in Norwich with the 97 silver 1.5 - might take it? 210 miles away for me though :oops:

  • Anyhow, from page 1 - I have got £600 budget to buy a car and I've offered it to a guy selling an AZ3 1.5 - lets see if he'll come down to my asking price….

    Any luck I'll have an MX3 this weekend :D :D :D

    Any more advice on the 1.5 before I travel to look at it?

  • There was a 1.5 for sale down south offered for around £350 mate, it should be still on the UK version of Craigslist, I was tempted myself at one point.

  • Well, I seem to have won a v6 on eBay, 99k, 2 months mot & tax, 1996p. Got to pick it up from grantham. About 135 miles. Will get pics up shortly. :)


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