Steering slack…..MX-3 V6

  • Hi
    I've checked the side to side wheel movement after jacking up the nearside front wheel and there is a small amount of play.
    The wheel nut is on good and tight and I don't think it's the bearing.
    I wonder if it's the tie rod end and I need to check further.
    Anybody had similar wheel play?? :roll:

  • Side to side movement usually indicates tie rod end. Undo the nut pop it out from the hub then you can wiggle the joint independantly to see how bad it is
    or if you can see that the boot is split then its probably had it as all the grease will of come out.

  • also check all the boots on the steering if they are cracked and split they are now an MOT failure so will need doing anyway :wink:


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