Headlamp adjustment

  • Hi,
    Just got my MX-3 through another MOT (phew…)
    I was unsure of the headlamp positioning before taking it in as it looked distinctly cock-eyed. I found a vertical screw on the inside edge of each lamp with a hex head fitting an 8mm spanner. I adjusted this for up / down movement of the lamps and lined the lamps up with horizontal marks on the garage door.
    I also found 2 philips head adjusters close to the mainbeam bulb socket which seemed to do nothing. I would prefer to adjust the offside lamp to point straight ahead rather than point towards the nearside as it does now.
    I admit I was a bit surprised when the car passed the MOT like this but hey I'm not complaining.....
    Is there an adjustment for sideways movement or is this fixed??

  • it should adjust all ways, best off parking facing a blank wall and look at the beam pattern on the wall of the good headlight and then adjust to similar level etc, if it just went through the MOT they check headlight levels so it should be ok :wink:


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