• Hey chaps,

    when driving, at any speed, over slightly or majorly bumpy roads, I have a knocking/clunking coming from what appears to be the passenger front.

    Its done this a while, and I have since changed the CV joint and balljoint and track rod end to resolve a different issue.

    Any ideas what would cause this sort of clunck?

  • Perhaps you might have an issue with the suspension or wheel armature.

    One thing you could do to narrow it down would be to see if it is a irregular or regular interval noise, if its at regular intervals then that would indicate its coming from something that is in motion, ie, turning, such as the wheel bearing (although those usually make a grinding droning noise not a knock), drive shaft, inner/outer cv joint. If its a random occurance then that indicates that its happening when a load or movement is applied upon it that isnt constant, such as the suspension having to compress when going over a bump.

    Two quick things you could check easily would be that your wheel nuts are all tight and that your battery brace is snug to the battery.

  • I would look at the bushes and/or top mounts too.

  • Cheers Jesta, its definately "irregular", and as Hammy suggests, im thinking suspension related somehow, although I am not ruling out cv joing/driveshaft either.

    I havent looked at the mounts, so that will be my next thing to check. One thing I have noticed about my suspension, when I was doing my CV joints a while back, I had to remove the hub etc, and I noticed the suspension was able to rock back and forth as well as be turned as you would expect. This rock back and forth…should that happen??

  • Ive no experience of shocks except on bikes, they never moved even 1mm, but on a car, id guess a small amount of flex is allowable since you have that rubber section on the top of the shock, plus youd have leverage, so yeah, Id guess a little bit of movement, but if its like the pendulum in a clock Id think youve found the issue, might just need nipping up, Hammy will have some better advice and experience on that though tbh so I wouldnt go out and do anything til he posts back

  • bounce the car up and down yourself, you can usually feel it if there is a clunk in the shock absorber, check the springs as its not uncommon for an old spring to have snapped - easiest way is to jack it up until the wheel leaves the ground and have a look and make sure the spring is all ok
    if they are all ok then go for bushes and hceck those little rods you can see through the wheel arch with the wheel off :wink:

  • Did you get any further with this matey, both mine have done this only on the passenger side an certainly bumps/potholes seem much more serious on this side rather than drivers.

    Mine seems to almost "top out" on the suspension on that side but its only ever the front passenger an its a pretty big bang. shock seems ok though.

  • not yet mate, just havent had time. I have bounced the side and that reveals nothing. I am waiting to fix my 4x4 before I start messing with this one, as I think I may have to either tighten up the suspension mount, or replace it. Looks ok though, so its hard to tell what the issue is.

    • Ball joints, track rod end
    • Check all rubbers roll bar, arm etc
    • CV joint
    • Broken Spring
    • Stone stuck in spring
    • Fooked Damper
    • Fooked Top Mount

  • thanks for this, im closer to fixing my 4x4 so i should get time soon to check all this, be nice to have it sorted!


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