ZE swap question.

  • Ok, I know you guys have answered a million questions about this, but i've been reading a lot about the ZE swap and i'm still very confused as to whether I can do it in my 1997 (OBDII) car. Ive read that i can buy a wiring harness
    That will be plug and play, but then read that this wont work due to imobilizer and air bag sensors.

    Also, is it possible to get any more from the K8 just by getting a different ecu or maf/vaf? Prety noob questions, but you guys know your stuff. . . .saves me reading contradicting theories for another few days! :shock:

    thanx in advance.


  • Have heard that you have to change the whole harness, TBH I don't know if anyone has done it successfully though, personally I'd just get an OBD1 car and do the swap that way, would be alot of hassle I reckon….......


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