Fuel pump wiring..

  • my cars ill :(

    the fuel pump wasn't working on the MX3, so i checked the wiring, the red/black with the silver dots wire had shorted on the shell and melted the wire, i've got the wire on an ignition live, does anyone know where this wire goes to when it comes out of the fuse box?? :?

  • iv a pum from the 1.5 dohc si [rs] ifthats any good to ya?

  • no, the pumps fine, its the wiring, it had been rubbing on the car shell, and the live has earthed itself, so far i've managed to trace it back, i've traced it back to the fuse box…it actually bypasses that and goes to a relay, the wiring to the high tension circuit is all fine now, the low tension on the relay that enables the high tension one isn't working....

    The way a relay works is a small voltage is applied to one side, which enables an electromagnet, which in turn enables a high tension coil, its the low tension coil that is not working to enable the high tension coil :?

    the relay is tested and fine


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