Rear brake discs. Price over performance.

  • There are loads of brands of rear discs from 25 pounds to just under 200 pounds!!, is there really alot of difference between the brands?, I'm on cheapie ones and not been a problem. Although I'm thinking of re modelling the rear discs with wilwood rear calipers.
    It's time for new pads and discs so I'm planning what to do now.

  • Never tried expensive discs myself I always spend the money on the pads and just use OE quality discs, unless your seriously racing I dont see that much point uprating the rears too much on a FWD car tbh.

    I can recommend Mintex 1144 pads all round if you can find them for yours.

  • I agree with fox… go with blanks unless you are racing. Even then it's not a huge deal as the fronts do most of the work. Save your money for something else 8)

  • sounds good to me!!, i just get something in middle of the range with decent pads and good caliper service, id like to do a rear upgrade conversion but there is a bucket load of stuff i need to do first.


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