Mx3 conversion

  • hey all this week my self and my freind have been converting mine from the 1.8 v6 to the klze from the mx6 obviously engine,gear box,loom, and ecu will go in just to let ppl know that also so will the mx6 suspension and hubs will also fit so mine now is a 5 stud…..... and ps will knot be doing this conversion again ( pain in the ass)

  • pfft easiest engine swap ever! :P

    no, mx6 hubs are not compatible, use all your mx3 stuff. You can use the mx6 gbox but change the mounts.

  • lol soz to put a downer on u mate lol coz i do want that wing ….. but they do my mx3 is proof lol i have suspension and hubs from mx6 on there

  • get some pics up if you can, intersting how youve managed it, although in mm the discs arnt that larger than a mx3, i think the xedos 9 has larger discs. Only plus would be 5 stud which would equal nice rx8 wheels :)

  • Awaits on pics!

  • Lol if I'm wrong I think that's great! Bollixed up geometry doesn't count as fitting to me though :p

    Mx3 left, mx6 right

    Mx3: thinner where shock mounts, ball joint in line with hub centre hole, tie rod arm lower than the top of the bearing.

    Mx6: thicker shock mounts (maybe use mx6 shocks), bj offset incorrect, tie rod arm higher ( could maybe invert tie rod end, seems bump steer is inevitable)

    Is this what you've done?

  • Interesting… not possible to just swap over Mx6 hub into Mx3 hub carrier?

  • How do u up load piks and PS yes I did use the suspension as well

  • For pics check this out:

    Hope it works out for you! How's the rear going?

  • mmmm interesting, shirley the mx6 shocks are longer too, pics please as we don't believe it!! :lol:

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