Will removing air duct cause problems?

  • I've been playing (bad I know!) and removed the air duct from the grille to the air box. It now has a lovely deep chested induction noise (like the Vectra V6) and I wondered if it is ok to have this off full time?

    It is before the air filter so no nastys can get in to the engine and doesnt seems to affect the running or anything? The only problem I can see is the bonnet prop catch but ive taped the to the metal panel for the minute. I've got it in the boot with the screws and the spanner to put it back on if any issues?

    What do you think, it does sound nicer now. Please feel free to shoot me down if im being a numpty!

    Pic attached, the intake is slightly lower but not low enough to suck water in or anything?


  • Should add, I have put a circlt where the air enters the engine now.

  • I took mine off mate, and if you want a deeper noise i also removed the resinator box (the plastic piece near the air filter) and plugged it. sounds loads nicer now :D

  • Thanks Dan, so should be ok even like its not going to send the MAF reading sky high or anything?

    How do you get round the bonnet catch situation, the prop is tape to the slam panel at minute.

  • If you can find the airbox from a eunos or Az-3 it has an airduct from the side of the airbox that runs down the front of the wheel arch and has a cold air pickup that sticks out the bottom of the car, that will help with nice cold air

  • Ok thanks for replies, are we saying it is ok as is then, as long as i secure the bonnet prop properly?

  • my bonnet holder is just dangling in there mate lol. if you wanted to i am sure you could take the holder off the air infeed and rivot it onto the slam panel somewhere

  • @8f888011b6=timorridge:

    Ok thanks for replies, are we saying it is ok as is then, as long as i secure the bonnet prop properly?

    My bonnet pop sits on a nice clip on the rad fan housing :wink:

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