Hello, heres my update :)

  • Hi. Not been on in a while.
    Most of my seals r knackered, far 2 much condensation on the inside of my Windows, 2 much noise comin in.
    Sometimes the sun roof sticks so I ave to give it a little push up.
    Electric Windows r pretty slow.
    Gettin fed up with replacing bulbs.
    Back box is hangin off due to the millions of speed bumps. Theres a blowin sound from the exhaust, possibly from the centre pipe? Or it cud b the back box? Sounds like its comin from under the drivers seat.
    Paint work is lookin a bit worse, still got my dints.
    in general its running ok but seems 2 b using more petrol than usual, prob coz of the exhaust?
    mot is only due in march, really hope it makes it through, ill cry if it doesnt coz mx3s r boss n hope they live 4ever.
    Done about 84k on the clock now.

  • ill buy it off you :) haha!

    £10.00 and a pack of skittles

  • electric windows, just spray oil down either end of the glass in the runners, that will sort that,
    sunroof - a little grease around the rubber seal on the roof bit itself
    exhaust - get it done and it will save you cash on fuel, if the back box is hanging off the joint is just behind the rear wheel so it could have broken there

    Check the exhaust joint- it will be black with soot where it leaking :wink:


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