HELP! Cutting out randomly

  • Hi all, newbe here :)

    My V6 has started cutting out randomly driving down the road and then nothing, no revs, no lights (dash or otherwise). just coasts to the side of the road.

    couple of minutes later, turn the key and all is fine again!

    Suggestions? (before someone hits me)

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    Hi welcome to the site,

    I would have said check vacumm lines, but you say you loose all lights?

    Check the battery, ground connections, could even be a bad fuse somewhere…

    You dont happen to have any of those auto reset fuses do you?


  • Autoreset fuses?

    dont think so unless they are standard?

  • admin

    Nah they arent standard!

    But still check the battery and other fuses, mostly the fuses under the bonnet by the battery, like the 100A Main fuse


  • had this on my old nissan 100nx. battery and fuse's were all fine. maaged to get back home from northampton got alternator checked and it was that. changed it never had any trouble after. get that tested

  • could be the coil on its way out and cutting out when its warm?

  • admin

    Good point valley.. the alternator could be the cause!

    You can get a battery tester from halfords thats not very expensive, that will tell you if the battery is charging when the car is running!


  • Do you have a V6? If so the sounds like your distributor may be dieing. This is a common issue when you are just driving down the road and all of a sudden the car just turns off. Then you pull over and wait and it turns on. Classic sign that the internal coil in your distributor is going. You should probably replace it before you are stranded somewhere.

  • possable causes!
    loose battery connection, (which leads to bad altenator)
    Bad destributer,

    also renove and check all the fuses in the car! there is 2 or 3 in there that can kill the car if it comes loose.

    lt us know when u find out whats wrong!
    (and donot feel bad im having a problem with mine and iv replaced plug leads, plugs, polished the throttlebody, changed the maf sensor and will have a new fuel pump in it tomorrow! and still cant find the problem!

  • i doubt it will be the coil, if all the lights are cutting out too
    i had a similar problem wit the corsa and it was a ht lead failing, but thedash lights still remained on
    check that the earth on your battery is good, and also make sure the battery is fitted corectly, ie fasten down, the smallest of numps can alter the connection

  • oh just remebered, i jad this happen to my bmw aswell, couldnt find the cause, changed everything, had a diagnosict done, and didnt come back with any thing, the problem got progressivly worse, ie would start and then cut out 5 mins later, eventually after alot of money had been spent, i tried a new ecu, and it ran without a blip

  • i had this months ago.. found out was a connector at back of engine. something to do with air flow in. also change plugs working like a dream


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