Help stearing on right hand lock

  • right picture this.

    traveling at 50 car goes sweet, left bend fine then in to a right hander few yards down road. carry speed as normal with out puttting foot down (resisting) and stearing tries to snap in to the bend tighter which is more that is being applied by you. or required. (this does not seem to happen on left hand lock or at slow slow speeds)

    tracking been down 2 weeks ago. and double checked last week fine.

    wheel bal has been corrected.

    all pads are new and disk's are fine . so not sticking at all.

    i know i need new tyres as tacking has skinned them both on inner wall.
    so might be the cause but still not convinced.

    ANY IDEA ON FECKING trouble im having.

  • fucked shocks, or maybe fucked bushes??

    Just a guerss mate

  • took her in today. bloke only had to drive around back of service station. and totally fooked bottom ball joint, said im lucky it was gone o bad if it dropped out then the whole sus would drop and flip me in to heaven asap.

    Great. also been told off as its on drivers side, been told not to drift so much, well its fun going side ways!!!!

  • just got the car back today new tyres and that bottom ball joint. omg the state of it. no rubber casing or grease left on the thing. would describe it as an ants cock in the ass of a hippo, the ball was that lose


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