Crap day

  • what a shi-ite day I have had today

    got all the brake bits today so I could do all the sliders and the rear pads

    most of the suff I was sent is absolute trash and doesnt even go on an MX-3, had enough parts to do 1 caliper on the front so they went straight back in the post and try and get my cash back

    Then thought I would crack into the 6 x4" powerflow exhaust I had modded so it was able to be fitted back on with the cat for MOT time

    50mm too much removed so I had to put that all back together with the other stainless system that was already on there

    Looking at the new discs today while wheels were off, found one is starting to score for no apparent reason after taking the pads out

    2pm now and all I have managed to do is top up my oil from the oil leak I have suddenly gained in the past 2 weeks and my rocker cover gaskets are lost in the post :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  • thats a bad day!, lucky you didnt get too far on the group buy caliper bushes.
    could be worse, you could have mine, that is in absolute bits right now and not even been started since May :( . I might actually go out there in while as its a good day here.

  • just to let you know the mx3 and the mx5 share the same calipers :) i had to replace mine

  • rockercover gaskets are about £7 each from europarts mate ;) apparently that is OE quality too


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