GROUP BUY - brake slider bush

  • I have just found that all my calipers are seized when i did my brake pads at the weekend, The metal sliders that move the caliper seize due to rust and lack of lube in a rubber bush, its a common problem and these parts are not available in the UK except at mazda for £44 per pair

    I have sourced some so if anyone wants any they are £7.50 a pair ( a pair is for one caliper)

    There are front and rear varieties so if you want any itll be £7.50 per caliper so a set will be £30 for the full car plus P&P to you if you go to the only place in the UK for these whic is mazda the same things cost £160

    Get your orders in asap as I am desperate and will be ordering anyway on friday

    There are some slightly dearer but higher quality raybestos ones at £9 a pair
    unfortunately the raybestos is from another shop but willing to post here but then postage will have to be added so its either one brand or the other for a group buy

    name what you want and carlson or raybestos :wink:

    the kits are just the large tubes

  • Hi DJ,

    A company called Brake Engineering in Wrexham North Wales also do them.

    You have to talk nice to them though, as they usually don't sell to the GP :wink:

    I even managed to get the part numbers from them and get my local motor factors to order them in, which worked out cheaper than buying them myself and the motorfactors delivered to a garage down the road for free :wink: I just met them outside and paid cash.

    Think I was paying around £3.50 per caliper, though I did have a decent trade discount with the motorfactors.

    CES UK Motor Factors are who I used (it looks like they just do exhausts but they do everything) they deliver nationwide now too.

    CES UK also do the brake pad fitting kits (springs, pins and anti squeel shims) for £4.50 per caliper (not through Brake engineering).

    Again If you get the part numbers from brake engineering they will also do the sliders too. And new pistons etc etc whatever you need.

    Obviously your asking for something slightly out of the ordinary, so its all about talking the right way to everyone (schmoozing em). So its not straight forward: Call Brake engineering persuade them to sell you the bits you need seperately and give your their partnumbers, then call the motor factors and persuade them to order the parts in for you.

    But I never had a problem.

    Shame I don't live down that way any more, I could have popped round and got some.


    Just though i'd mention it, might be worth a few phone calls to see if you could get it any cheaper.

    Oh, and use a decent grease on the sliders when you put them back in ( don't use copper grease, because of the heat cycles it ends up drying out too much).

  • One more thing to think about when I first bought some (before I found brake engineering) I got them from a company that usually did exchange refurb calipers.

    I persuaded them to give me some but when they turned up they were very slightly too big. So I called them and they informed me that as part of the refurb process they drilled out the slider bores slightly to make them perfectly smooth again.

    So they put me in touch with Brake Engineering to get the OE ones.

    Just a thought to make sure the ones you are looking at are standard OE replacement ones.

  • Thanks Daryl will get on the case of it, just about to order some hi temp grease for it as mine the flexi ends have dropped off too


    Just phoned brake engineering, they only sell calipers now and do not sell kits or parts anymore, contacted in portsmouth I might as well have phoned him and said I slept with his sister when I told him I had an MX-3
    Called CES they could not trace the parts at all and tried selling me recon calipers for £178 each :shock: My local motor factors quoted £68 each :wink:

    I looked for recon calipers on the net and realised a company called BIGG RED are the biggest company for recon calipers, gave him a call and he had it all on the shelf except 1 rear caliper slider kit
    Got the whole lot for all the calipers without the sliders for 1 rear but all the bushes for £55 posted - same price as posting from america and they are the more expensive raybesto parts :D :D

    they should be delivered friday

    totally recommended - very helpful and willing to sell you anything in the way of brake parts :wink:


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