The best K series?

  • I reallt want to build a charged K series and after 4 years of being in the mazda schene around K series I think i have came down to the best oem specced engine for supercharging. If anyone can confirm a beneficial change please let me know as I plan this build in the near future!

    So it will be

    KLZE heads/manifold due to better airflow
    KL31 cams as more aggressive with DE springs and retainers as there stronger?
    KLDE bottom end for the better charged compression

    all rebuilt new parts clean sparky engine inside !

    now what would be the best way to get this running on a normal ECU before going for a megasquirt?

    I'd chance the prob chip but that was ofcourse made for a complete ZE

  • In my humble opinion my ideal engine would go something like this. . . .

    KL-G4 Manifold, block, crank and coilpack system

    Millenia s rods and 320cc injectors

    Custom built pistons (wiseco ?) or stock KL-DE pistons if you don't want to run lots of boost

    KL-ZE heads with a mild port and polish with KL-DE springs and retainers

    As far as I'm aware this should be the best engine combo from stock components, it should be good for an easy 200+bhp and will be ready for either turbo or supercharger unlike the KLZE

  • the klg4 uses coil packs? never knew this good one, good to see uve joined up stu we already had this convo on facebook :D !

  • Yeah the KL-G4 and the miller use coilpacks ;)

    Apparently we got the KL-G4 in the late Xedos 9's ? I have yet to find any concrete evidence i.e pics etc

    Thought I would join up, seems like a decent forum :)

  • which are the coilpacks and crank wheel I'm using :)

    Never seen a KLG4d xedos 9, that'd be nice to find a source over here for the solid lifter heads and I guess the lighter crank.

  • Yep it sure would be nice, where did you source your coilpacks and rocker cover etc from ? would be a nice modification :)


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