Thinking of off roading for a while

  • Aye that is sometimes the problem with highly modifying a daily driver… getting it ready for monday again!

    Could try some UV dye in your water then scan around with a blacklight might show up a slight leak somewhere?!

    Carefull on that supra you may never want to come back to mx3 ownership hahaha

  • sam - i know that supra looks amazing only 36k on the clock and its an aria edition so you can remove the whole roof panel :shock:

    garfy - these things are bullet proof and i am at a loss to where the water keeps going, cannot find it anywhere but I am desperate to keep it all up together and when you get an oil leak onto a manifold it just stinks so I want to get it all done properly so I am saving $$$ to get more powder coating done as I have all the engine bay parts and brackets I want to get sorted now so its a case of taking them and getting them done plus a few more parts :wink:
    I may crack into the brakes this weekend and blitz the lot of them, I am keen to try the green stuff pads, now ordered a set of rocker gaskets I just need to find that elusive short neck inlet and I can get that powdered too

  • luckily, I have a Ford Maverick as my other car, so when the snow comes, fun fun fun!

  • I'll be in the MX for the winter I guess…. snow ploughing big style this year hahaha

  • I curse the salt. I want a plastic car.

  • Here you go Marc!

    would look mint slammed!

  • 21hp at the rear wheels! 380kg though, serious power to weight potential :lol: Imagine turning up to a drift comp with this wagon

  • Pchop says yes!

  • lolololol working on a follow up…

  • OMG hahahaha thats quality.. I bet he gets all da bitches with that machine :D

  • too much time on your hands mate but quality artistry,

  • lol

    They see me rollin
    They hatin

  • MK1 supra TT? I think also you mean aerotop? Anyways the only supra MK1 that had a turbo was a single turbo. The TT's didn't start until the MK3 with the 1 JZ-GTE and 1G-GTE engines and neither by the looks of it did the aerotop roof make an entrance until 1986 which is mk3 territory. I'm not much of a supra geek honest, I've only had 4 of which 3 were aerotops :) If you ever buy a 1jz-gte car with an r154 manual box you will probably never want another engine type again. It is the most revvy turbo charged car you will ever drive. The power available with very limited spending is also very impressive. 400 bhp from very little upgrading is achievable


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